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You Should Feel Welcome At Your Dentist Office

May 16, 2017

When Dr. Michael Griffin opened Northalsted Dental Spa, he wanted to create an environment where every patient could feel relaxed and welcome.

He stayed up-to-date with the latest technology and the newest techniques to make dental care as comfortable and effective as possible. He also remodeled our office to be an inviting and calming space.

Dental care doesn’t have to be done in a clinical setting. You’ll see and feel the difference if you visit our dentist office in Chicago.

To experience our approach to dentistry for yourself, call 773-245-­2779 or contact us online to set up an appointment.

New patients are always welcome. We’ve even posted our new patient forms online where you can download them and fill them out at your convenience before you arrive at our office.

Find out for yourself what patient-focused dentistry can be like.


Get To Know Dr. Griffin

Dr. Griffin is a native of Chicago, a graduate of the University of Kansas, and a dental school graduate from Southern Illinois University – Edwardsville.

When he opened his own practice, he wanted to go above and beyond providing good general dentistry. He also wanted his practice to be welcoming to everyone, to treat patients like they were family by listening to each individual’s needs, and to help each individual reach their goals.

To that end, he has built a comprehensive and holistic dental practice.

We don’t just want to treat your immediate problems. We want to provide a place that helps you maintain your oral health for life.


A Welcoming Place For Everyone

The dentist office should be a space where you feel safe and accepted for who you are. Dr. Griffin understands this on a personal level as a member of Chicago’s LGBT community.

Part of our mission is to help every patient feel welcome at Northalsted Dental Spa — regardless of your assistive needs, family structure, gender expression, orientation, or racial identity.

We never want any patient to feel out of place at our office. You will not be shamed by Dr. Griffin or our staff. Instead, you will be welcomed for who you are.


Good Communication Is Important For Quality Dental Care

Dental anxiety is a real concern. Some experts have estimated that dental fear prevents as many as 1 in 5 people from receiving the dental care that they need.

One way we can help to alleviate that anxiety is through good communication.

If you have any concerns — whether it’s about a particular piece of equipment, about a particular procedure, or about anything else regarding your dental care — please let us know. The more we understand your concerns, the more we can do to address and alleviate them.

If you have questions about a procedure or about payment options, we will provide answers for you. Dental care should be a cooperative effort between you and our dentist office. We want you to feel comfortable with what happens each step of the way.


Modern, Comprehensive Dental Care

As important as your comfort is to us, it’s equally important that we do all that we can to provide you with the best that modern dentistry has to offer.

In addition to 17 years of experience, Dr. Griffin has completed hundreds of hours of continuing education. He knows that dentistry has continued to improve since he graduated from dental school, and he has made every effort to stay up-to-date on those advances.

At our Chicago dentist office, you can receive everything from preventive care to cosmetic and restorative dentistry in one location.

If your goal is to prevent tooth decay and gum disease, we can do that. If your goal is to make your smile look nicer, we offer everything from professional teeth whitening to Invisalign®.

If your goal is to restore your ability to eat the foods that you want to eat or to eat without pain, we offer a range of services to repair and replace teeth, too.


How Can We Help You?

Everyone at Northalsted Dental Spa is focused on doing whatever we can for the sake of your oral health. We want you to feel comfortable whenever you visit us. It’s why we have tranquil candles, soothing music, and serene artwork.

It’s also why we don’t take a “one size fit all” approach to dental care. We respect that you are an individual. What helps you may be different than what helps the patients before and after you.

To arrange a tour or to schedule an appointment, call 773-245-­2779 or contact us online today.


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