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Four Reasons To Try Invisalign Instead Of Braces

May 2, 2017

Which words apply to your smile?
  ⃣   Overbite or underbite
  ⃣   Crooked
  ⃣   Crowded
  ⃣   Gaps
  ⃣   Perfect

If you checked one or more of the other boxes, we would like to talk to you about orthodontic care.

If you only checked perfect, then today’s post probably isn’t for you, although we do welcome you to check out our many other services at our dentist office in Chicago.

For those of you who are still with us, we want you to know adult orthodontic patients are becoming more and more common. Part of the reason is the option of Invisalign®, which does not use any brackets or wires to straighten your teeth.

You can get it at Northalsted Dental Spa. Call 773-245-2779 or contact us online if you think you might be interested in this orthodontic option.


Reasons You Should Try Invisalign

Invisalign was first developed with adults in mind. Many adults were interested in having straighter teeth. Yet, the thought of wearing braces prevented many of them from started orthodontic treatment.

Then came Invisalign. This system of clear, plastic aligners was a more grown-up option for working adults.

If you think you might be interested in having a straighter smile, consider these reasons for trying Invisalign.


★ Reason #1: Invisalign is practically invisible.

One of the biggest reasons that adults did not (and still don’t) want to wear braces is because … they are braces. Having metal brackets on your teeth with a wire running through many not be the look you are going for in your professional life.

Whether you are an attorney, a mechanic, or a salesperson, approaching a client with braces on your teeth may become a distraction. If you want the client focused on what you have to say, then you would rather have something more discreet.

Invisalign can do that for you. The clear aligners are custom designed for your teeth. This makes them nearly invisible when you are wearing them. Most people won’t realize you are wearing anything over your smile.

That makes Invisalign a good fit for the conference room, the shop, the showroom, or a night out on the town.


★ Reason #2: Invisalign won’t interfere with what you eat.

Another inevitable drawback with wearing braces is you have to watch what you eat. This isn’t for dietary reasons. This is so you don’t accidentally break your braces.

Biting into a nut or a piece of hard candy could cause a bracket to break off a tooth or your wire to bend or break. Something chew could get stuck. In trying to get it loose, you could pull a bracket loose or pull a wire.

With Invisalign, you can eat what you want without worry. All you have to do is remove your aligner before you eat. Then you enjoy your meal, clean your teeth (and maybe your aligner while you are at it), and put your aligner back in your mouth.


★ Reason #3: Invisalign is comfortable to wear.

The potential for a broken bracket or bent wire would be uncomfortable, especially if it were poking into the soft tissues of your mouth.

The thing is, braces can be uncomfortable even without those particular problems. The brackets can press into the inside of your mouth causing discomfort. Some people find the brackets scratchy.

And we have heard of people complaining for a week or more after each time their braces are adjusted.

Since the Invisalign aligners are made of smooth plastic, there are no edges to be scratchy and no small pieces to break or bend. You may feel some gentle pressure each time you change aligners, but it’s minimal compared to have your braces tightened.


★ Reason #4: Invisalign can save you time.

Please keep in mind that the actual time needed for your treatment will vary depending on your individual alignment issues.

With that in mind, people will wear braces for two years or more on average. Meanwhile the average Invisalign patients where’s aligners for around 12 months.


Don’t Wait To Get Started

If you want to feel better about your smile, making your teeth straighter can help. And the sooner your start your orthodontic treatment, the sooner you will see that new smile in the mirror.

Start with a consultation with Dr. Michael Griffin at our Chicago dentist office. He can examine your teeth and let you know if you are a good candidate for Invisalign.

To reach us, fill out our online form or call 773-245-2779.


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