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Family Dentistry

There’s a lot that goes into keeping you and your family’s teeth healthy! It can be even harder to determine where to go to get the perfect dental care, but thankfully we have your answer at Northalsted Dental Spa! We’re glad to treat you and your children at our downtown Chicago location – you can find all of your general, preventive, cosmetic, restorative, and family dentistry needs here!

With our family dentistry in Chicago, IL, we provide all of our care in a great spa-like atmosphere that feels far more comfortable than any dental office should. You might even forget you’re here for your teeth!

Preventive Dentistry

Cavities are common – nine out of ten people have at least one! The worst part about that is how easily cavities and tooth decay can be prevented. For many people it comes down to learning proper home-care practices and coming to the dentist for regular appointments, where we can take care of all your preventive needs. We love preventive dentistry because it results in great smiles at less of a cost to you!

The preventive services we offer include:

  • Dental sealants that protect the most vulnerable parts of your teeth – the chewing surfaces. Think of all the deep valleys you have on the chewing surfaces of your teeth – those areas are incredibly hard to clean! Dental sealants are a tooth-colored plastic that is used to fill those hard-to-clean chewing surfaces, leaving you with a well-protected tooth. The best part is that sealants can be applied during a regular cleaning and take practically no time at all – they’re a cheap and super effective way to prevent decay!
  • Fluoride treatments to rebuild damaged enamel. Throughout a normal day, plaque builds up on your teeth. Plaque contains bacteria that produce acids, which eat through your enamel. Over time this causes tooth decay, but fluoride rebuilds enamel and protects your teeth! We offer standard fluoride gel and fluoride varnish, a thin layer of strong fluoride that goes on quickly and treats for an extended period of time!
  • Cleanings and exams serve as the backbone of preventive care. By closely monitoring your oral health over time and cleaning all the hard-to-reach areas, we can keep your mouth healthy for years to come! We even have digital cavity detection equipment to help us find the smallest of tooth decay, stopping it in its tracks before the worst can happen!
  • Nutritional counseling to help you make mouth-friendly choices. You’d be surprised, but what you eat has a big effect on the health of your teeth. You might brush twice a day and floss regularly, but that doesn’t mean you’re taking care of all your needs. Some foods can take you two steps back for every one step of oral hygiene you take, so let us help you make great choices!

Preventing Damage Through Sports and Trauma

Your teeth aren’t just damaged through decay – they can also be harmed by high-impact sports and teeth grinding, or bruxism. In order to protect your smile from damage, we’re glad to offer highly effective sports mouthguards as well as bruxism guards that you wear at night to prevent unconscious grinding of your teeth.

Take control of your dental health and prevent damage before it happens! For family dentistry in Chicago, IL call us today at 773-245-2779 to schedule an appointment! You can also reach us by using our online contact form. We look forward to treating you soon!


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